Yana Bondarchuk – Space Room

IMG_0264 Kopie

A subdued lighting, some sparkle and a beautiful dreaminess brings the latest photo-series by the Spain-based young creative Yana Bondarchuk. At the beginning of this year another beautiful photo-series, ‘Motionless River’, by her was featured here on Grunge’n’Art. Also for this series Yana has photographed her sister Veronika; and she sent this editorial along with a poem that you can read at the end of this post. ā˜†

IMG_0259 Kopie IMG_0294 Kopie IMG_0271 IMG_0279 Kopie IMG_0325 IMG_0361 Kopie IMG_0388 Kopie

You’re like an astronaut
floating in space
collecting ancient treasures
touching dead stars.
You’re like a dancer
dancing in space
jumping from one planet to another
spinning in the universe.
You’re human
insignificant and beautiful
as the big space.


Photography & poem: Yana Bondarchuk ā˜† IG: @mangoexplosivo

Model: Veronika Bondarchuk

Thank you! ā˜†

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