Baylee Badawy x Margaret Williamson Bechtold – Nola-roids

IMG_20160607_0013 Kopie

“This crew spent a summer Friday playing dress up and romping around the corner at twilight – it was quick, dirty and not without magic.”

Photographed by Baylee Badawy, who is currently living in New Orleans, Louisiana, and with a totally grungy, vintage-like styling by Margaret Williamson Bechtold this Polaroid-series is really stunning and it’s a pleasure to share it on Grunge’n’Art.

IMG_20160607_0012 Kopie IMG_20160607_0011 Kopie IMG_20160607_0006 Kopie IMG_20160607_0017 Kopie IMG_20160607_0014 Kopie IMG_20160607_0001 Kopie IMG_20160607_0021 Kopie


Photography: Baylee Badawy ☆ IG: @eelway

Styling: Margaret Williamson Bechtold ☆ IG: @_mwb

Models: Sophia & Katie

Wardrobe: vintage courtesy of Non-Society Hands

Thank you!

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