Audrey Gillespie – Colours


Fine art student Audrey Gillespie from Ireland takes eye-catching photos, all on 35mm film. She describes her photographic works not as solely grunge itself but rather as a grunge/ soft grunge/ pastel grunge – style. Audrey is currently a Fine Art student at the North West Regional College and began her studies in 2014.

“Since 2015 her work has revolved around the questioning and challenging of gender normalities, embracing ‘ungendered’ colour and tackling issues such as homophobia and sexism through her art and photography.
Audrey has been experimenting with photography by herself since April 2016 and most commonly uses a 35mm colour film camera for her projects.”

80a431_0fa822fd2fa44cb49ab287371dcd1237~mv2_d_4718_3063_s_4_2 80a431_b260c85cb32446acac01956e06d81753~mv2_d_4745_3194_s_4_2 80a431_c7edde31b66249e5b067cdbbb5933c0f~mv2_d_4775_2911_s_4_280a431_0a16a7931b0a4341917c773d14f653f5~mv2_d_4794_2911_s_4_280a431_cdd01decbea343a2852b73d105b8356d~mv2_d_4718_3063_s_4_2 80a431_fcabb2faf0344a159adac53da3a56de2~mv2_d_4775_2949_s_4_2


Photography: Audrey Gillespie ☆ IG: @_faust_arp_

Models: Gareth Sweeney, Sarah Hamsted, Aongus Delaney, Susan Donagey, Mark Doherty


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