Mongpig – 2016

2016-11 Kopie

‘2016’ is an ongoing photo-project by the Korea based artist and photographer Mongpig. This photo-series includes dreaminess and coolness at the same time. For her project Mongpig photographed different models and the atmosphere in every of her photos comes out really beautiful – light and pale colours of the nature, often sun-drenched, and all of these pictures were captured on 35mm film.

2016-1 Kopie 2016-2 2016-3 2016-5 2016-6 2016-92016-15 2016-13 2016-12 Kopie 2016-10 Kopie 2016-14 Kopie


Photography: Mongpig ☆ IG: @mong_pig

Models: Minjin Jeon, Cat and puppy, Nutuk, Eunseo Jo, So yeon Kim, Sangho Lee

Thank you! ☆

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