Paula Codoñer – Julia

JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-1 Kopie

This analog photo-series by the Spanish photographer Paula Codoñer is such a dream. The natural light, the colours, the location – the whole series was captured in a botanical garden – and of course the expression and look by the sixteen years old model Julia Rodrigo are really enchanting. What do you say? ☆

JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-2 JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-3 JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-10 Kopie JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-22 Kopie JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-20 Kopie JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-24 Kopie JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-28 Kopie JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-5 JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-7 JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-12 JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-14 JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-29 JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-4 JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-34 JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-36 Kopie JuliaRodrigo_Mayo-16 Kopie


Photography: Paula Codoñer ☆ IG: @paulacodoner

Model: Julia Rodrigo @ Carmen Duran

Thank you!

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