James Juranke – Jade

film_printsize2-024 Kopie

“Running the streets of Mong Kok in Hong Kong with Jade. A tattoo artist and model, running the streets on a busy afternoon.”

This is such a great, colourful and grungy photo-series. We received it from James Juranke who is a freelance photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. When he visited Hong Kong and met tattoo artist Jade Chung through a friend/ social media he photographed this snapshot-like series. Just enjoy the whole post!

film_printsize1-009 film_printsize1-006 Kopie film_printsize1-015 film_printsize1-017 film_printsize1-011 Kopie film_printsize1-012 film_printsize1-024 Kopie film_printsize1-021 film_printsize2-006 film_printsize1-026 film_printsize1-035 film_printsize2-017 film_printsize2-027 film_printsize2-026 film_printsize2-022 Kopie film_printsize2-001 Kopie film_printsize2-013 film_printsize2-028 Kopie film_printsize2-033 film_printsize2-030 Kopie film_printsize2-004 film_printsize2-036


Photography: James Juranke ☆ IG: @jamesjuranke

Model: Jade Chung ☆ IG: @jadeontheroad

Thank you! ☆

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