Quin Severo – Blue

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Quin Severo is an 18 years old high school senior living in Southern California. In this post awaits you a selection of some of her creative works – photographs, illustrations, collages and also a wonderful poem at the end. ☆

“I have had a passion for art since I was very young, from sitting in my highchair drawing for hours on end to watching my mom take photos with her camera wherever we went. As I grew older, I began to experiment with new mediums, such as painting, photography, writing, video, and drawing. In middle school I always took the most advanced art classes that were offered, and also served as my class historian, taking photos and compiling them into a slideshow to play at graduation. In high school, I took AP Studio Art two years in a row, submitting 24-peice portfolios both years. I created a website where I display my photos, poetry, prose, drawings, paintings, and short films. My most notable and recognized art project is called Be Kind Art. I started it as one of the 24 pieces in my AP Studio Art portfolio during my Junior year. We were assigned to create a piece that would address a message that was important to us, and to make the piece viewable to large amounts of people. I carved a stamp and printed hundreds of posters, pasting them all over Los Angeles. I started to track the hashtag #bekindart, and created an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account for the project. Lots of my friends got involved and started to take posters on trips to other states and countries, and I even started to make and sell apparel with the simple logo on them. Senior year I had to focus on school and college applications, so I slowed down with the project, but I do intend on getting it going again as soon as I have the time.”


tumblr_nt034yCI4l1uoj10ko1_1280 Kopie tumblr_nur9oohJga1uoj10ko1_1280 tumblr_nurawfuFS71uoj10ko1_1280 Kopie tumblr_nug96grAtD1uoj10ko1_1280-4 tumblr_nt0gx8kc8W1uoj10ko1_1280-5 tumblr_nvj0igX9zA1uoj10ko1_1280 tumblr_nu150ujHFw1uoj10ko1_1280-3 tumblr_nuava2WSf71uoj10ko1_1280 tumblr_nvj0nfzED41uoj10ko1_1280 tumblr_nzs3c28Q1n1uoj10ko1_1280-2 tumblr_nzs3w6DAOB1uoj10ko1_1280 Kopie


I am blue. 
Not sad blue—
but calm and deep. 
Complex, but so simple.
So many shades, 
yet they all fall under the same name. 
Baby blue—
the color of youth and innocence. 
Royal blue— 
a masculine color, 
for a not-so-femenine girl. 
Sky blue— endless.
My life may not be endless, 
but my mind and curiosity are. 
Blue is the color of water,
a spiritual place, for me.
Deep blue—
strong, passionate, and intense. 
The color of my favorite pair of jeans. 
Blue eyes are the easiest to fall into,
and blue is the color of the Aurora Borealis.
And the color of the soft ring of light, 
that lines the moon on a cloudy night.

All photos, illustrations and poem by Quin Severo ☆ IG: @quinsevero

Many thanks!

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