Marc Oortman x Lilly Friedeberg – The Pursuit Of Happiness


This pretty cool editorial is a collaboration between photographer Marc Oortman and illustrator, and stylist for this series, Lilly Friedberg. Some shining colourful pictures, some black and white ones and an alternative, grungy wardrobe show a great, visual result. Modeled by Eva Paradise.

6_TPOH-Shoes 4_TPOH-EVA-Supermarket Kopie 5_TPOH-Mari-Supermarket-cop 3_TPOH-carton 7_TPOH-EVA-Wallpaper-BG Kopie 8_TPOH-EVA-Wallpaper-BG_2 Kopie 13_TPOH-EVA-Palm 16_TPOH-EVA-Sexy-Hair 15_TPOH-EVA-Sex-Shop Kopie 12_TPOH-together-blurry Kopie


Photography: Marc Oortman ☆ IG: @marcoortman

Styling: Lilly Friedeberg ☆ IG: @elfriede_s

Model: Eva Paradise ☆ IG: @eveinparadise

Wardrobe: Carhartt, Indyanna Fashion & Double a.side

Thank you!

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