rose6 edit Kopie

This analogue photo-series I took of Hanna and Johanna originated spontaneously. I’ve always had the wish to photograph two persons and finally I did. Since April we planned to meet but unfortunately, and because of the reason that we had time on weekends only, it was always raining or it was cold and dark outside. On Sunday three weeks ago the sun was shining finally. The weather was great and so was the mood. We spontaneously decided to shoot at the rosarium and capturing the first pastel coloured roses there which were a beautiful background. (Now these roses are already faded… but not on the photos fortunately). All photos are captured on 35mm film and there are some Polaroid-shots as well.

Both, Hanna and Jojo, are such a dream-team and have modeled superbly. ☆

hj16 Kopie rose2 edit Kopie hj32hj6 hj7 rose4 edit hj21hj14 Kopie hj19 Kopie rose9 edit Kopie hj8 Kopie hj31 hj28rose3 edit hj24 Kopie hj25 Kopie hj23

Models: Hanna ☆ IG: @hanna_rxx & Johanna ☆ IG: @golden_jenna

Photography: Lia K. ☆ IG: @la.lia

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