Jessica-Rose Lena – Skye

©2016 Jessie-Rose Photography Jessie-Rose Photography Jessie-Ro

We received this wonderful collage-artworks from Birmingham, UK, based artist Jessica-Rose Lena. Modeled by her friend Skye every photo looks super natural and vivid. And Jessica’s collages are just sublime and so inspiring. ☆

“This shoot was born from the idea that although we live in a liberal country where we can wear what we want and do what we want, as girls we are still conditioned to feel as though we can’t. More disturbing is why we feel we shouldn’t, because we feel we might be at risk of unwanted attention and even assault. The stickers over her skin represent the freedom that we crave to walk around in the clothes we want with out having to consider how that might make others feel they can act towards us.”


©2016 Jessie-Rose Photography ©2016 Jessie-Rose Photography ©2016 Jessie-Rose Photography


Photography & collages: Jessica-Rose Lena ☆ IG: @jesssierosee

Model: Skye

Thank you!

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