Alberto Lara – Don’t Wake Me, I’m Not Dreaming

013_10A Kopie

Really amazing is this analog and grungy photo-series by 17 years old Alberto Lara from Mexico!

“I had a long time without touching my camera due to a creative block, and as the days came, I discovered analog photography and wanted to explore it. Then I called my friend Victoria, the one who always helps me with my photographs and she loves grunge like I do. My best friend and Victoria gave me this jacket as a birthday gift, so I thought it was a good idea to use it for my photographs. Victoria is a girl with a very fresh essence; she always carries the summer even if we have winter. I decided to call the series ‘Don’t Wake Me, I’m Not Dreaming’ because I was listening to ‘Kali Uchis’ while thinking of a series of unfortunate events which I had passed. That was when the inspiration came to me.”


12657958_884488928336445_1764242721526279098_o 12694692_884488565003148_1588595657159062918_o DSC_0158 005_2A 27001204140_09176eec6d_k Kopie 006_3A Kopie 008_5A Kopie 27001089500_3aca69dc03_k 27276710615_1bb80a8bf6_k Kopie


Photography: Alberto Lara ☆ IG: @_albertolara ☆ Facebook

Model: Victoria Amador ☆ IG: @mondvam

Thank you!

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