Olha H. – Red Ocean

#1 Kopie

What a great and particularly cozy idea to stroll around town with your blanket. Also it’s something fresh and new to take some photos in this ‘anti-fashion-style’. ‘Red Ocean’ is a beautiful and cheeky editorial by the Ukraine based film photographer Olha H. The shining colours in this 35mm film photo-series appear totally eye-catching and build up a great contrast to the pale, white blanket.

#2 Kopie #3 Kopie #5 Kopie #6 Kopie 0000146 Kopie #7 Kopie 15# Kopie #10 Kopie #8 Kopie


Photography: Olha H. ☆ IG: @filmphoto_am

Model: Nastya Hodchenkova

HERE is also another beautiful, analog photo-series by Olha that was feature on G’n’A before.

Thanks! ☆

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