Laura Kovanska – Friday Afternoon

Img000001 Kopie

‘Friday Afternoon’ is another wonderful photo-series by Laura Kovanska who is a regular contributor to Grunge’n’Art. The whole series was shot on 35mm film and appears sublimely nostalgic with a retro feeling. Some light leaks, peacefulness and an overall harmony await you in her series.

Img000003 Kopie Img000008 Img000018 Img000013 Kopie Img000022 Img000031 Img000030 Kopie Img000033 Kopie Img000066 Img000088 Kopie Img000090 Img000071 Kopie Img000023 Kopie


Photography & art direction: Laura Kovanska ☆ IG: @laurakovanska

Models: Dominika and Andrii

Styling: fashion designer Dominika Heskova

Also by Laura: ‘Rebellious Heart’, ‘Young Primitive’, ‘Phenylethanol’ & ‘Truant Kids’

Thank you!

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