Eduardo VA – Paulina

C018906-R1-17-19 Kopie

This luminous photo-series taken on 35mm film was shot by Mexico based photographer Eduardo VA.

“It was a very hot day when he had decided to take pictures with Paulina.
I went out of my way home to where we agreed, but before I visited a photo shop to buy film for the session, leaving the store I was very surprised to see that the weather had changed completely; it was very cloudy and it seemed that a storm was coming.
I met Paulina and walked to the spot and then it started to rain and it was we arrived a little wet to the location. The rain prevented us out on the roof to take pictures and had to wait to go up to the roof of the department.
It was a hard day when we thought we could not work because of the rain, but became our friend, as the weather and light were perfect when it ended.”


C018906-R1-25-27 Kopie C018907-R1-06-8 Kopie C018906-R1-19-21 C018906-R1-21-23 Kopie C018906-R1-23-25 C018907-R1-10-12 Kopie C018907-R1-05-7 Kopie


Photography: Eduardo VA ☆ IG: @lalovski_

Model: Paulina


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