Maria Dragan – The Dream Machine

12 Kopie

‘The Dream Machine’ contains of course dreamy snapshots of model Connie Wilson taken by Maria Dragan.  Seemingly silent surroundings, a nostalgic vintage styling and all in all a great combination of coolness and dreaminess make this series original. ☆

11 Kopie 10 Kopie

trousers Newlook; coat Coal; roll neck American Apparel; shoes Doc Martens

01 03 Kopie

skirt H&M; roll neck Topshop; jacket Aria; shoes Jones Bookmakers

06 09 Kopie 07 Kopie 16 15

shirt & playsuit Zara; hat model’s own; shoes Doc Martens

26 Kopie 22 Kopie 29 27 Kopie 30 Kopie


Photography & styling: Maria Dragan ☆ IG: @mariadraganph

Model: Connie Wilson

Thank you!

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