Chris Scheurich x Ali McNally – Stay Gold

CS1_1963-10 Kopie

‘Stay Gold’ photographed by Chris Scheurich has really a ‘golden’ presence. In sun-drenched, shining colours and a beautiful vintage style by Ali McNally await you in this story. Relaxed and beautifully modeled by Molly Graham and with a fresh, natural Make-up by Maggie Graham.

“Almost all the clothing is current season Topshop Unique and was a real pleasure to shoot. The model, Molly Graham, is just getting started and about to sign to Next Models. We wanted to shoot a story that showcases her unique, quirky beauty and her amazing freckles. We shot on location here in New Orleans during the golden hour on a gorgeous spring day.”


CS1_1249-5 Kopie mollycar2-6 Kopie CS1_1628-8 CS1_1028-2 molly car 1-1 Mollycar4-9 Kopie CS1_1218-4 Kopie mollycar3-7 Kopie


Photography: Chris Scheurich ☆ IG: @cjs1022

Styling: Ali McNally ☆ IG: @neonheartshop

MUA: Maggie Graham

Model: Molly Graham

Wardrobe: lace dress, green jumper & Wedgwood print skirt Topshop Unique; striped romper Blue Dream Vintage; shoes model’s own


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