Belén Banega – Virgin


This beautiful, nostalgic photo-story called ‘Virgin’ was taken by Belén Banega who is a filmmaker and photographer from Argentina. Belén is working with 35mm film in her works as she is totally in love with the texture and the magic during the whole process. – Also we are fascinated by this original, wonderful texture in every of her pictures.

“These photos were shoot with an Agfa Precisa 100 ASA film and Color Implosion 100 asa, giving as a result those amazing colours and grain, and developed by me at home.
The idea of the shoot was inspired by the poetry of Alejandra Pizarnik, an Argentinian writer of the 60s who I highly recommend, specifically by her text about count Bathory, aka the Blood Countess, who is thought to have taken baths with the blood of young virgins to keep her youth. Another inspiration was Hole’s album “Live Through This”, which I actually think is an inspiration for almost all my work, in which I try to capture the essence of every women and their passion, by rage, innocence, strength and mystery.”


BelenBanega_virgin5 Kopie BelenBanega_virgin2 BelenBanega_virgin4 KopieBelenBanega_virgin6-copy BelenBanega_virgin7 Kopie BelenBanega_virgin8 Kopie BelenBanega_virgin9 BelenBanega_virgin10 Kopie BelenBanega_virgin11 Kopie BelenBanega_virgin13 (2) Kopie


Photography: Belén BanegaFacebookFlickr

Model: Julieta Nu

MUA: Florencia Herrera

Wardrobe: Las Horas Ingenuas; Petite Babe

Thank you!

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