Yurina Lily Saito – Meet Aya Gloomy

aya_tabaco Kopie

“Meet Aya Gloomy.

She is trying to do everything she is interested. She creates her own world and shares it with us by an artful way. Don’t miss this cool girl in Tokyo.”

-Yurina Lily

For this beautiful, analogue photo-series model and photographer Yurina Lily Saito has taken some pictures with her old film camera of one of her – as she wrote – “cutest and talented friends” Aya Gloomy. Aya is a an artist and musician and the owner of her own vintage shop ‘Pompom Shop’ where she sells hand painted clothes – called ‘EARTH KIDS’ – as well as vintage-pieces.

Yurina Lily’s photo-story impresses by powerful colours, nostalgia and beautiful vintage elements as well as the relaxed and natural expression of Aya.

aya_singing Kopie aya_myfav2 aya_green Kopie aya_stand aya_princess Kopie aya_her_own_clothes ponpon_shop Kopie aya_mainshot Kopie aya_myfav Kopie


Photography: Yurina Lily Saito ☆ IG: @yurina_lily

Model: Aya Gloomy ☆ IG: @aya_gloomy ☆ Aya’s shop: @pompomshop_tokyo

Thank you!

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