Kristy Benjamin – Tamara

image (17) Kopie

A special, sublime combination shows this photo-series by photographer and West Coast editor of Ladygunn Magazine Kristy Benjamin from Los Angeles. Kristy took all of these photos on 35mm film with model Tamara Barkley from New York in Los Angeles and collaborated with illustrator Abby Phillips. A beautiful light, a 90s vintage style and Abby’s drawings on the photos give every picture a unique look.

image (16) Kopie image (21)

overalls & black cropped tank Capulet

image (18) Kopie

jacket vintage; dress In My Air

image (19) Kopie

shirt dress Capulet

image (22) image (20) Kopie

black blazer & wrap skirt Capulet; sheer top In My Air; boots Grey City


Photography: Kristy Benjamin ☆ IG: @nbdkb

Illustrations: Abby Phillips ☆ IG: @abbyroad

Model: Tamara Barkley @ APM New York ☆ IG: @tamarabarkley

Thank you!

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