Alberto Martín de Ruedas – The statues win so let them have it

1.1 Kopie

‘Let them keep their squeaky clean
                     Whatever was now is in ashes’

-words taken from ‘Dull Boy’ by The Growlers

Not so long ago there was a great photo-selection, ‘Kiev and its grace’, by the Spanish photographer Alberto Martín de Ruedas, who is living in Kiev, uploaded on Grunge’n’Art. This time we received a photo-series by Alberto and again we are amazed by the very natural-looking work. He takes photos on film only and all of Alberto’s pictures lives by the not posed expression of the ‘models’ he photographs. You should visit Alberto’s tumblr-site and Instagram to see more of his analogue works. You find the links below. ☆

3 3.1 4 6 7 10 Kopie AA019 7.5 Kopie 8 AA026 Kopie

All photographs taken by Alberto Martín de Ruedas ☆ IG: @alberto.mdr

Thank you!

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