Rosie Foster – Pixiee at Home

CNV00147 Kopie

Here’s another set by Rosie Foster who has a remarkable style in her photographs. Rosie takes photos on film, unretouched and she often photographs people at their homes. So her photos appear always natural, always authentic.

“Pixiee is a model who spends her time between Korea and London. Pixiee’s usual pictures are usually quite alternative and dark, with lots of production. We stripped things right back and had her in the outfit I met her in, in her own home and her own make up.”


CNV00136 Kopie CNV00128 Kopie CNV0002h8 Kopie CNV00028 Kopie CNV00133 Kopie CNV00125 Kopie CNV00162 Kopie CNV00170 Kopie


Photography: Rosie Foster ☆ IG: @rcafoster

Model: Pixiee ☆ IG: @pixiee 

Don’t miss the other photo-series, ‘Ella’, by Rosie as well!

Thank you!

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