Mariel Cortés – Shamadhi at Matt’s

Shamadhi1 Kopie

Mariel Cortés is a photographer and filmmaker based in Mexico City. She describes her photographs as very intuitive and personal and she is inspired by feminity, every day life and spontaneity. Nowadays, Mariel does personal work in photography and some editorials while she works on her next shortfilm called ‘Cake’.

“This is a photo-story that I called ‘Shamadhi at Matt’s’. I’ve been taken photos of Shamadhi for more than a year when she wasn’t a model for real. I’ve always loved her expressions but now that we became friends (even though she is much younger) I think our photographs are more intimate and sincere, she doesn’t even have to pose and that makes the outcome more melancholy. I’ve seen Shamadhi go through many stages, but never so happy as in their relationship with Matt. So we decided to portray in Matt’s apartment just for the record. Love the atmosphere there and been part of the up growth of my not so ‘little girl’.”


Shamadhi3 Kopie Shamadhi4 Shamadhi9 Shamadhi8 Shamadhi2 Kopie Shamadhi6 Kopie Shamadhi5 Kopie


Photography: Mariel Cortés ☆ IG: @mayemariel

Model: Shamadhi Alarcón ☆ IG: @veryfewtits

Special thanks to Matt Airey

Thank you!

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