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In this post awaits you a selection of vivid, analogue photographs full of flash light and expression. Captured by Corey Lee Donovan. Also we asked him some questions about this idea of documenting student youth culture, what his favourite cameras to shoot with are, etc. Enjoy the whole post!

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Hi Corey! Thanks for submitting your work to Grunge ‘n’ Art! You wrote that you are documenting British youth culture and student night life. How did this idea develop?

I started taking my camera out to clubs and raves instead of just shooting at home and stuff. I then realised looking through my work that I had a lot of good images and continued with it as an ongoing project.

And when did you start this? 

I started late October 2015, so it hasn’t even been a full year yet. I’m excited to see how my work will look by the time it’s been a year. I think I’ve grown a lot.

Do you take photos with an analogue SLR camera or a disposable camera? What is your favourite camera to shoot with? 

I used to use disposables when I began my film photography over a year ago but then I bought myself an olympus point and shoot camera and now I just switch between. At the minute I’m using an Olympus -AF1 and I love it!

IMG_20151028_0004 Kopie IMG_20151212_0004 Kopie IMG_20151028_0018 Kopie

Your photos contain impressive colours and are full of flash light. Are you primarily underway at night with your camera? And where do you prefer to take the photos? 

Yeah a lot of my work is usually at night which is good because I love the full flash. I think at the minute my favourite places are at student accommodations and night clubs.

Do you develop your photographs alone?

I get my photos developed at a store called Boots in the UK. It’s annoyingly expensive.

IMG_20160117_0005 Kopie IMG_20160413_0016 Kopie IMG_20160413_0020 Kopie IMG_20160302_0004 Kopie

In which city are you based and what are the best places there? 

I live in a small town outside of Birmingham. There are a lot of cool places there, I personally like the custard factory in Birmingham. It’s a cool place with coloured buildings and some cool vintage shops. I don’t hang out in my own town a whole lot. I like to travel.

IMG_20160314_0002 Kopie IMG_20160117_0001 Kopie IMG_20160413_0022 Kopie IMG_20160314_0007 Kopie

What film do you use and why?

I usually use Poundland film. Most photographers I know use that, too. I think we are quite lucky to have a store that sells film for a pound. And I occasionally use Fujifilm. I want to try Kodak Portra some time.

Tell us about the weirdest photoshoot you’ve done so far.

I would say the weirdest photoshoot I’ve done was working on a project documenting food and alcohol and I sat with my friends dad and just photographed him eating a huge hot dog in an American diner. It was quite funny, though.

What are your favourite magazines and which magazine would it be a dream for you to get published in?

I really like stuff like Vice, Kaltblut, I-D. I think a dream magazine would definitely be dazed and confused or vice. Something like that.

tgfn IMG_20160302_0011 Kopie IMG_20160314_0011 Kopie Untitled-7

What do you like about analogue photography? Have you ever used digital cameras? 

I just love the aesthetic of it. I love how the photos give off an old nostalgic effect and I think it will never go out of fashion. I used to shoot fashion photography on digital in college but I don’t think it was completely for me. It didn’t really work out.

Your biggest wish for the near future? 

To be successful within my work. To become even better and more confident as a photographer and to be published in big magazines and hopefully get a good name for myself!

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All photos taken by Corey Lee Donovan ☆ IG: @lamefilm

Thank you!

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