Carly Hunt – My Box, Not Yours

41310003 Kopie

Here comes a new, unique photo-series by the young creative Carly Hunt. Her series was captured on 35mm film and looks kinda surreal as Carly used a mirror-box as a requisite in her shoot.

‘My box, not yours’ shoot featuring a young 19 year old Texan beauty! Currently, she is living in Ontario for the first time with her partner. Along with her thin beautiful skin, she’s trying to embrace the cold up here. ‘My box, not yours,’ is exactly what you think it is- having the only say and being in control of, well, your box… Owning what your mama gave you, being in control of you, and not letting anyone stand in your way. Lol jk, it’s just a cool box I wanted to use. However, I’m serious about you being your only boss of your box. Own it.”


41310006 Kopie 41310011 Kopie 41310008 Kopie 41310010 41310021 41310012 41310013 Kopie 41310018 Kopie 41310022


Photography: Carly Hunt ☆ IG: @crybbcarly

Model: Christina Monts

‘IRL Not URL’ was also photographed by Carly.

Thank you!

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