Erica Pozza – Anastasiya

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Wonderfully spring-like and with much charisma comes this beautiful, soft-coloured photo-story by the young Italian photographer Erica Pozza. Completely shot with analogue cameras – with an Instax mini and a 35mm film camera – and a sublime, cheerful styling by Lara Bui Marelli.

“The work title is ‘Anastasiya’, which is the model name too. I like to create a relationship with them, and even if the mood is particular, I love to title my works with the name of the girls portrayed.”

Also awaits you an interesting interview we did with Erica. Just scroll down and enjoy the whole post. ☆

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Hi Erica! Many thanks for submitting this beautiful, spring-like photo-series to us. You take analogue photos. What is the special thing about it for you?

Everything is special about analogue, the developing process, the loading of the film in the camera. Especially the uncertainty of the result, it is so scary to do all the project and then think that maybe during the developing process a temperature will be wrong or that I forgot to think about the right light exposition, or as it happened in my last work, the roll film gets stuck in the rewind knob. It is kind of thrilling!!

I like that the final picture will come out from my mistakes or my skills.

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When did you start taking photos and what was your first analogue camera you took photos with?

I started taking pictures in high school with my friends and since I was born in the digital era I started with a new digital Canon. But after one year I became interested in analogue photos as they were way more fascinating for me. I started following some photographers and after a few weeks I bought my Canon A1, which is still the camera I bring in everything and is my more trustable companion.

What camera(s) do you use now and what are tricks of this camera to make the photos look more special/ unique?

I use several cameras now. Every time I bring my Canon A1 because it has never betrayed me; lately my boyfriend gave me a Yashica FX-3 and I love its typical smooth features.

I use every camera for a different reason; for example I use my Fujica for the versatility of its rare lens. I also like to put a different film on every camera like a black and white one or a film from 1990, at the moment loaded on the Leica.

There are no real tricks for the camera; it is about the feeling a photographer creates with the moment, the model and the camera itself. Every photographer has its own way to shoot: how they hold the camera, if they use a tripod so it’s up to them to understand what their best connection is.

For sure to make every picture unique there must be a peaceful mood in the air, in that instant the photographer must be loving what he is creating, not just as final work, but also as your own personal memory.

murales POP anastasiia yashica (19) Kopie

Tell us something about the photo-series ‘Anastasiya’ you have submitted. What were your inspirations for that story?

The idea was a combo between the stylist, Lara Bui Marelli, and me. Lara had this project in her mind for some time; and this was one of the selected projects we decided to do together.

We see each other often since we have the same group of friends so we talked about all the details during the nights out. She planned and researched the outfits and also the make-up, I found the location and the model.

For sure the shooting was based on a Pop mood; we have always shared pictures with each other of this specific mood and finally we decided to represent it in our way.

And how went the shooting day for this photo-series (‘Anastasiya’)?

The day of the shooting was so much fun! We met the model and she started talking right away.

I’m so happy to find talkative girls because I like to know them better before the shooting. In this way I have time to understand what they like and for sure I can make a better painting of them especially when they are so funny as Anastasiya.

I was very happy to have Lara with me too. We greatly work together and she takes care of every details. I think it’s a great quality in our work.

At first when we arrived at the location I was worried about having so many people around; in fact I’m used to shoot at isolated places not in a public park in Milan; but Anastasiya had the great idea to put on some music. In this way Lara was having fun while I was taking the pictures. I had the opportunity to isolate myself from the noise and Anastasiya could concentrate on the mood.

In the end I discovered that pictures with blurry people in the background could be very interesting, I was very amazed by the final work.

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Which roll of film do you prefer the most and why?

For now I’m using a Kodak film, very simple and practical. Since I have decided to develop my film at home I need a reliable film.

Just now I’m starting experimenting with Fujifilm and with and expired film from 1990, can’t wait to see the results.

Do you develop your taken photos alone?

Yes, I develop every film at home right now. It is way less expensive and it is not as difficult as people usually say. Of course you need to be very precise about the temperature of the chemicals but it is not impossible.

It could just take a lot of time to reach the right temperature especially like me if you use tap water for the process.

I love everything about it. It so satisfying because I do all the work. On my website there is a specific article about the process with all the steps.

I think every photographer should try to develop their film. Especially since technology comes in our help, with portable darkrooms and scanner able to scan the negatives.

How do you choose the models you are photographing? – Are they your friends or do you speak to someone spontaneously and ask if they would be interested to shoot with you?

I look for models everywhere, yesterday for example I was at a barbecue with friends and I found out a girl was modeling, so I immediately propose myself for a project.

Lately I’m trying to look for models by myself; unfortunately it is not that easy.

I have found few girls; most of them are nice and spontaneous.

In general I’ve never had bad experiences with the models I photographed; they are young girls who I love to talk with before the shooting. They all have different reasons for modeling and so many other hobbies.

So basically I’m proposing myself to models everyday more but I also write to model agencies to ask if they have models that need pictures for their books.

Through agencies it is more difficult but of course there are some exceptions; right now I’m in contact with some very professional agencies where the booker is very willing to create a collaborative relationship.

I also take pictures of my friend of course, who support me every time we see each other, during a barbecue, during a tracking or during a simple night out.

Like the last time when I wanted to try my new Instax Fuji, I took a picture of my friend in the street before having dinner. I guess I have very patient friends :).

Lara too, who is the stylist in the submitted project, often is my model for some shootings but also for random pictures I want to take during the day at the cinema or at the park for example.

Have you also already taken photos with disposable cameras? And if yes do you would use such a camera again; and what were your experiences by using such a camera?

I mostly used them when I was attending elementary school.

I’ve just tried them one time more some years ago, but if I have to use an automatic camera, I prefer my Olympus AF 10-SUPER.

Can you give five tips for taking analogue photos for someone who wants to start taking photos by using film?

  1. Be very patient, you need a lot of time to focus and to find the right moment to shoot. Do not forget to set everything, especially think about the exposure.
  2. It is right that you need to think more in every shoot because you don’t have infinite exposures; but do not limit yourself and make one film more.
  3. If you really like analogue try to develop films by yourself. It will be very satisfying to see the results.
  4. When you do a shooting bring more than one camera with loaded different film so that you can experiment, in order not to change from color to black and white in post-production, for example. This advice also prevents you to die if the camera breaks and you haven’t finished the work yet. It is better to have a backup camera with you.
  5. Have fun and experiment a lot!!! You will certainly be captured by its charm.

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Photography: Erica Pozza ☆ IG: @erica.pozzaFlickr

Styling: Lara Bui Marelli ☆ IG: @lara_bui_marelli

Model: Anastasiya @ 2morrow Model Agency

Thank you!

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