Katie Borrazzo – Teen Idyll

Katie Borrazzo 2

“[…] inspired by 70s/90s fashion trends, reminiscing over high school, and the importance of having a best friend.”

For this quite dreamy, colourful photo-series D.C. and Cambridge, MA, based photographer Katie Borrazzo has photographed her friends Hope and Mido. A styling on point, suitable locations and a carefree, idyllic atmosphere characterize this editorial. And to look at Katie’s photos make a good mood as they spread out happiness and vividness.

Katie Borrazzo 3 Katie Borrazzo 1 Kopie Katie Borrazzo 6 Katie Borrazzo 7 Kopie Katie Borrazzo 8 Katie Borrazzo 4 Kopie Katie Borrazzo 5 Kopie


Photography: Katie Borrazzo β˜† IG: @katieborrazzo

Models: Hope Patterson & Mido Choi

Also by Katie ‘Winter Daze’.

Thank you! β˜†

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