Alina Usmanova – Nadya

The technique of taking snapshot-photographs by the Russian photographer Alina Usmanova appears incredibly authentic. It is as if model Nadya Zabavnova is alone, smoking a cigarette, exploring the abandoned area where the pictures where taken, and there isn’t a photographer nearby. However, Alina took part and has done her photographic work brilliantly. Also the colours in these images seems soft and harmonize.

567 Kopie IMG_8767 Kopie IMG_8777 IMG_8782 IMG_8821 IMG_8858 Kopie IMG_8846 IMG_8855 Kopie


Photography: Alina Usmanova ☆ IG: @jeuneali

Model: Nadya Zabavnova ☆ IG: @wxvvxw


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