Lauren Melanie Brown – Johnny Sunshine

AV-JS_6 Kopie

We are happy to share this wonderful photo-series by photographer, and editor of Fashion Grunge, Lauren Melanie Brown with you on Grunge’n’Art. Lauren’s photographs always fascinate through the very natural look of all the people she photographs combined with an early 90s flair.
This photo-series shows such a relaxed atmosphere and just makes a good mood!
“For a while I’ve been shooting a series called ‘in this diary’ where I shoot people in their bedrooms and explore their own worlds. Each set is named after a song title.
For this set I shot Ava in Washington, DC. The series is called “Johnny Sunshine” from the Liz Phair song ( It was taken with 35mm film. “


AV-JS_1 Kopie AV-JS_2 Kopie AV-JS_12 AV-JS_15 Kopie AV-JS_11 Kopie AV-JS_4 Kopie AV-JS_5 AV-JS_10 Kopie AV-JS_18 Kopie AV-JS_7 AV-JS_8AV-JS_21 AV-JS_27 AV-JS_19 Kopie AV-JS_22 Kopie AV-JS_17 Kopie AV-JS_16


Photography: Lauren Melanie Brown ☆ IG: @lauren_melanieFacebook

Model: Ava Reuss ☆ IG: @avery_nylon

‘Cabin Fever’ is another photo-story by Lauren that was featured on G’n’A before.


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