Martin Tremoulet – Magnetic Field

Evening town lights in the backgrounds always create a special atmosphere. It’s as if no one is in the near but you don’t feel alone nevertheless. In this post awaits you a superb flash-photography great captured by the young, upcoming photographer Martin Tremoulet from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The expression of model Lucy Regue and her style are very suitable – “casual and simple, while charged with genuine emotion and coolness” – and that underlines the overall image perfectly. The whole series was shot on 35mm film.

3 - copia 9 5 - copia 7 11 20 Kopie 13 Kopie 16 Kopie 26 24 28 Kopie 4 - copia 32 Kopie


Photography: Martin Tremoulet ☆ IG: @photo777_Facebook

Model: Lucy Regue ☆ IG: @lucy_glitter

Styling: Martin Tremoulet & Lucy Regue

Wardrobe: t-shirt Niki, Sad & Short Japon by Fantasy Seven, white skirt, long black skirt, sports jacket, socks, electric green jacket and black shirt are vintage, sneakers Adidas, sandals Nike, earrings by Max Vargas

Thank you!

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