Thais Silvestre – Naiara

01_ Kopie

A kind of a party feeling brings you this photo-series by Thais Silvestre from Sao Paulo, Brazil. A superb realized snapshot-photography and a relaxed attitude of model Naiara Arinelli create a really great mood in this series. Many grungy details and a casual style, chosen by Beatriz Macedo, make the photos utterly dynamic and original. All photos are captured on 35mm film and you should check Thais’ website to see more of her analog photographic works.

02_ Kopie 06_ Kopie 05_ Kopie 07_ Kopie 08_ 04_ Kopie 09_ 03_


Photography: Thais Silvestre ☆ IG: @thaisilvestre

Styling: Beatriz Macedo ☆ IG: @aibmv

Model: Naiara Arinelli ☆ IG: @coelhogigante


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