Grace O’Neill – Analogue & Vintage

CNV00006 Kopie

Recently we found the great, analog work by Grace O’Neill via Instagram. So much the better it was receiving a submission from her. Take a trip to abandoned rooms of a vintage warehouse and enjoy watching these stunning photos shot on 35mm film. Garments provided by Blue Rinse Vintage.

 “These photos were taken up at a huge vintage warehouse in an abandoned church near where I live in Leeds, UK. I shoot on film and was predominantly a fine art photographer but have started to move in to doing more fashion type work.”


CNV00009 Kopie CNV00024 Kopie CNV00029 Kopie CNV00017 Kopie CNV00010 Kopie CNV00020 Kopie CNV00034 (2) Kopie CNV00030 (2) Kopie CNV00013 Kopie CNV00034 Kopie CNV00032 Kopie CNV00030 Kopie


Photography: Grace O’Neill ☆ IG: @graceclaireoneill

Model: Chloe Nickerson

Styling: Grace O’Neill & Kaitlyn Bullen

Wardrobe: Blue Rinse Vintage

Thank you!

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