Zi Nguyen – Cry Me a River

Cry-Me-a-River-03a Kopie

This photo-series by Zi Nguyen who is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Boston, US, shows a dreamy harmony. Surrounded by the beauty of the nature, a lake and a forest, the photos impress with the artfully captured expression of model Melissa Dunning. Also this series contains a variety of black and white shots as well as of gently coloured images. Just scroll down and enter Zi’s created world.

Cry-Me-a-River-03 Cry-Me-a-River-08 Kopie Cry-Me-a-River-05 Cry-Me-a-River-04 Kopie Cry-Me-a-River-02 Cry-Me-a-River-01 Cry-Me-a-River-06 Cry-Me-a-River-09 Kopie


Photography: Zi Nguyen ☆ IG: @zinguyennFacebook

Model: Melissa Dunning @ Maggie Inc

Thank you!

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