Madalyn Rowell – Girlgang

BettyD'sUmberallas Kopie

“I took these photos at Betty Danger’s Country Club in Minneapolis MN. The square photos are 120 film taken with a Hasselblad, the rectangle are digital images.”


To photograph a group isn’t easy at all. But if it works well it looks like in these photographs by the Twin Cities based photographer Madalyn Rowell. Her pictures are very vivid and tell a story that everyone can interpret as she/ he wants. Here are many grungy elements sublimely combined with powerful, luminous colours of the backgrounds. Also impressive: in the group-photos every model has another facial expression. Thus each photo appears naturally.

GirlGang_Table KopieBack_Bubble2Areanna_UmbrellaGirlGang_Wall KopieGG_Bathroom2 Kopie


Photography: Madalyn Rowell ☆ IG: @curiouscumulus

Styling: Katrina Haugen ☆ IG: @meowornever

Models: Liz Fesenmaier, Anna Marie-Christine Zimpel, Areanna Vasileyev and Annie Tyson

Many thanks!

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