Mischel Warenits – Inner Desire


‘Inner Desire’ is another sublime editorial by Mischel Warenits from Bratislava, Slovakia. Also this photo-series showcases unique, mostly pastel coloured clothes by the fashion designers MAD by Mata Durikovic and Terezia Fenovcikova; and the combination of a monotonous, grey background with luminous colours remains in the viewer’s mind and is just a great idea. All photos were taken on film.

mafin1 Kopie nataly ed 7 b2 Kopie editorial 000002 b1 Kopie 000019 2 final1 romi1 Kopie


Photography & MUA: Mischel Warenits ☆ IG: @mischeldoublewFacebook

Styling: Zuzana Laucikova

Fashion designers: MAD by Mata Durikovic, Terezia Fenovcikova

Models: Romi, Nataly, Mafin

Assistant: Martin Tomecko

Paintings: Dominika Zakova

Don’t miss to watch Mischel’s other editorial ‘(Un)welcomed’ that was featured on Grunge’n’Art as well.

Thank you!

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