Mischel Warenits – (Un)welcomed


Romantic elements, grunge and elegance – all in one. This is a characteristic for this editorial, ‘(Un)Welcomed’. Photographer Mischel Warenits from Bratislava, Slovakia, has built up a contrast of moods. And she has brought those moods into effect through her photography. Captured on 35mm film with a Zenit camera. With unique design-creations by Terezia Fenovcikova and jewellery by Mana Berec.

cverna0 Kopie cverna2 cverna Kopie cverna5 Kopie cverna9cverna3-copy cverna1 Kopie cverna4 cverna7 Kopie


Photography, HMUA & art direction: Mischel Warenits ☆ IG: @mischeldoublewFacebook

Fashion designer: Terezia Fenovcikova

Jewellery: Mana Berec

Models: Dajana & Sona

Many thanks!

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