Emon Toufanian – Red Automatic

Emon - red automatic vertical16 Kopie

Do you still remember the editorial ‘Blue Automatic’? This photo-series is called ‘Red Automatic’ and it’s a kind of follow-up. Photographed by New York City based photographer Emon Toufanian in LA this editorial impresses with a very cool look, varying lights and perspectives and a really cinematic atmosphere.

Emon - red automatic vertical2 Kopie Emon - red automatic vertical6 Emon - red automatic vertical4 Red Automatic - Emon14 Emon - red automatic vertical13 Emon - red automatic vertical9 Emon - red automatic vertical15 Red Automatic - Emon7 Kopie Red Automatic - Emon8 Kopie Red Automatic - Emon20 Emon - red automatic vertical17 Kopie Red Automatic - Emon23 Kopie Emon - red automatic vertical18 Kopie Red Automatic - Emon11 Kopie


Photography & styling: Emon Toufanian ☆ IG: @emon.nyc

HMUA: Lauren Citera

Model: Britni Sumida @ M Model Management

Thanks! ☆

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