Ilona Falk – At the Theatre

imm016_15A Kopie

This editorial was shot on film in an old German theatre, built in 1901. Even if or because our life is very dramatic, we seldom visit theatres. But there is no other place you can study emotions right in front of you – without you being the trigger. Too see a strangers reaction becomes so fascinating and overwhelming in these digital times. We can still read human faces without using text or emojis, yeah!

-Ilona Falk

Just scroll down and enjoy this really expressive photo-series by photographer Ilona Falk from Germany. The theatre – location is just splendid!

imm001_0A imm026_25A imm024_24 Kopieimm005_4 Kopieimm007_7 Kopieimm020_19A 2 Kopieimm007_6A Kopie imm003_3 Kopie


Photography: Ilona Falk ☆ IG: @_ilonafalk

Model: Mina Reischer

Thank you! ☆

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