Kevin Kees x Jacqueline Alicia – Bibliomaniac

2015-02-28 16.01.41-1

“Kevin and I really wanted to capture the melancholic beauty of an old library (with a space-dream wardrobe), a place many young people have found/discovered things about their future selves.”


Quite nostalgic and still cool and unique is this series by Kevin Kees. Shot on 35mm film in a library which is a pretty good location for taking some kinda mysterious snapshots because all the huge and wide bookshelves give an impression of a labyrinth full of thoughts. Superb modeled by Jacqueline Alicia as always.

2015-02-28 16.01.42-1 Kopie 2015-02-28 16.01.41-2 Kopie 2015-02-28 16.01.43-2 2015-02-28 16.01.42-2 Kopie 2015-02-28 16.07.58-1 Kopie 2015-02-28 16.01.42-4 Kopie 2015-02-28 16.01.43-1 Kopie 2015-02-28 16.07.59-1 2015-02-28 16.08.01-1 Kopie 2015-02-28 16.08.01-3 Kopie 2015-02-28 16.08.02-3


Photography: Kevin Kees ☆ IG: @kevin.kees

Model: Jacqueline Alicia ☆ IG: @number_xxvi

Wardrobe: Found by Me Vintage ☆ IG: @foundbymevintage

Thank you!

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