Katie Borrazzo – Winter Daze

KatieBorrazzo_1 Kopie

Captured on 35mm film this editorial by Katie Borrazzo, photographer based in D.C. and Cambridge, MA, showcases a quite natural atmosphere, a comfortable vintage-style and sunlight. A passage from late winter to spring; when bright sunbeams meet the cold air of winter.

Beautifully modeled by Siena Canales.

KatieBorrazzo_2 Kopie KatieBorrazzo_3 KatieBorrazzo_4 KatieBorrazzo_5 Kopie KatieBorrazzo_6 Kopie


Photography: Katie Borrazzo ☆ IG: @katieborrazzo

Model: Siena Canales

Thank you!

2 responses to “Katie Borrazzo – Winter Daze

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