Tangerine Band – USA Tour Diary Concept

001_1 Kopie

Not too long ago we did a little interview with the Seattle-based, garage pop band Tangerine; HERE you can visit the post again. Tangerine just returned from their USA tour pt. 1 (they are leaving for their pt. 2 tour in a couple of weeks again). On their pt. 1 tour Miro, who is the drummer of Tangerine Band, took some photographs on Kodak disposables that you can now watch in this post. Enjoy!

“We played in San Fran, spent about a week at SXSW in Austin, then Reno, San Diego, LA, and Treefort Festival in Idaho.”


002_2 2 002_2 Kopie 003_3 (2) 003_3 004_4 copy 005_5 007_7 009_9 copy 007_7 2 Kopie 011_11 2 Kopie 011_11 3 Kopie 010_10 (2) 013_13 016_16 2 017_17 2 Kopie 018_18 2 Kopie 022_22 Kopie 027_27 Kopie 028_28 025_25 023_23 024_24 2 026_26 Kopie

All photos by Tangerine Band ☆ IG: @tangerine_bandFacebookBandcampSoundcloud

Thank you!

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