Sarah Charlie Benjamin – RUBY

0032264-R1-006-1A Kopie

Absolutely eye-catching is this latest editorial by Sarah Charlie Benjamin from New York City. This photo-series includes both – coolness and beauty; just a sublime combination! Also Nina Chitadze who styled model Emme Martin did an amazing, artful work. Enjoy watching this colourful editorial full of expressive photographs (including some Polaroids as well). ☆

0032264-R1-010-3A 0032264-R1-058-27A 0032264-R1-062-29A 0032264-R1-072-34A Kopie 0032264-R1-076-36A Kopie 0032264-R2-067-32 0032264-R2-071-34 Kopie 0032264-R2-075-36 Kopie 0032264-R2-047-22 0032264-R3-010-3A4 Kopie 0032264-R3-014-5A 0032264-R3-022-9A 0032264-R3-050-23A 0032264-R3-060-28A Kopie2 Kopie 1 Kopie22 Kopie 0032264-R3-076-36A Kopie


Photography: Sarah Charlie Benjamin ☆ IG: @sarahcharliebenjamin

Styling: Nina Chitadze ☆ IG: @niniichitadze

Model: Emme Martin @ Request Models

HERE you can watch another photo-series by Sarah that was featured on Grunge’n’Art before.

Thank you!

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