Jessica Gwyneth – Motel Clio

R1-06187-0002 Kopie

“This seasons London Fashion Week AW16 trip to Motel Clio Tatty Devine x Clio Peppiatt. Bunny shoes, cupcakes and bull dogs.”

This post is full of authentic snapshots taken by the London based photographer Jessica Gwyneth. Captured on 35mm film at Clio Peppiatt’s London Fashion Week presentation. ☆

R1-06187-0005 R1-06187-0003 R1-06187-0018 R1-06187-0007 R1-06187-0006 R1-06203-020A R1-06203-022A R1-06187-0014 R1-06187-0012 R1-06203-024A R1-06203-021A Kopie R1-06203-023A Kopie

All photos taken by: Jessica Gwyneth ☆ IG: @jessicamenace

See other photographic works by Jessica that were featured on Grunge’n’Art before HERE.


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