Mario Savi – Hangover Mornings

5654 Kopie05

Photographer Mario Savi from Sao Paulo, Brazil, recently sent us this cozy-looking, snapshot-like and beautiful photo-series. Start your day relaxed and don’t take things too seriously.

Every photo showcases a mix of harmony with a bit boredom what creates an authentic look and there are also some photos shot on 35mm film. Modeled by Lina Rebollo. ☆

5595 5609 Kopie04 Kopie 5762 6322 Kopie 5735 Kopie 5698 Kopie 5902 596601 Kopie 6439 6218 Kopie 627602 Kopie 6135 Kopie07 Kopie


Photography: Mario Savi ☆ IG: @mariosavi

Model & styling: Lina Rebollo ☆ IG: @linarebollo


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