Daniaal Khalid – Children of the Bad Revolution

11 Kopie

top Urban Outfitters

A perfect mix of a cool expression and vintage-like style showcase these stunning photographs by London-based photographer Daniaal Khalid. He wrote something about the main thought behind this shoot:

“The idea was created and directed by my stylist Savina Nikolova who is a big inspiration to me, she had come up with this title (‘Children of the Bad Revolution’) which I then went onto compliment with a tagline and short paragraph to sum up our collaboration.

“Shoot me or don’t. I don’t care.” 

We liked the idea of having Wiktoria portray a nonchalant attitude towards being photographed. Being sixteen and autonomous, she’s used to being fixated on by society’s stigma towards the modern, subversive generation – so a camera is nothing. We wanted to give her the opportunity to embrace and mark her unconventional existence, hence our decision to shoot the chosen outfits at The Royal Oak Pub.”

-Daniaal Khalid

“I’ve had this idea to direct a 90s inspired shoot for a long time now and was so happy to finally find the best location and team to work it!”


4 Kopie 6 Kopie

top & jeans Topshop; shoes Thrift

1 2 Kopie

bodysuit & socks Thrift; shoes Urban Outfitters


dress & jewellery Topshop

13 14 Kopie 12 Kopie

top Forever 21; skirt Topshop

19 17 Kopie

bodysuit Urban Outfitters; shoes Schuh


jacket Cache & Cache; top Urban Outfitters; jeans Topshop

9 Kopie


Photography: Daniaal Khalid ☆ IG: @dk__photosFacebook

Art direction & styling: Savina Nikolova

Model: Wiktoria Salajczyk

MUA: Sonika Sunar

Location: The Royal Oak – Guildford

Thank you!

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