Hey Nostalgia!

hn17 Kopie

One day we drove around town. We take our analog camera with us. Underway there were these monotonous cement buildings. – Good location for taking some nostalgic photos. We did a spontaneous photo-shoot. All is captured on 35mm film – on normal Kodak colour film as well as on a special film called ‘Revolog’ that gives photos this greenish/ bluish, sometimes orange-coloured, look.

hn1 Kopie hn2 hn3 Kopie hn9 hn15 hn6hn13 hn18 hn19 Kopie hn16 Kopie hn21 Kopie hn26 Kopie

Photographed & modeled by Grunge’n’Art (@dream.dimension & @la.lia)

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