Elena Atzori x STARZ – I Paint, You Buff


Completely cool and grungy is this photo-series by photographer Elena Atzori from Rome. For this series she worked together with STARZ aka Giuliano Filardo who is a famous graffiti artist also based in Rome. The style of model Cate as well as her natural, often cheeky, expression give the photos a perfect flair. All shot on 35mm film and there’s also a Polaroid-shot at the end. Happy watching!!

02rid Kopie 03rid Kopie 04rid 07rid 09rid Kopie 12rid 14rid Kopie 15rid 21rid 22rid Kopie 23rid Kopie 25rid 26rid 27rid Kopie 28rid Kopie


Photography: Elena Atzori ☆ IG: @atzorielenaFacebook

Model: Cate (Caterina Bagnulo)

Graffiti artist: STARZ (Giuliano Filardo) ☆ IG: @giulianostarzFacebook

Garments: American Apparel, Dissidia, vintage

A Polaroid-series by Elena was featured on Grunge’n’Art as well. You can watch it HERE.

Thank you!!

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