Lian Leng – Carina

IMG_4332 Kopie

A sublime, quite nostalgic editorial awaits you in this post. Artfully captured by the Canadian photographer Lian Leng on 35mm film this photo-series is completely in black and white. Remarkable is the interaction with silent sun-light, a minimalist background and the expression of model Carina.

IMG_4318 Kopie IMG_4315 Kopie IMG_4348 Kopie IMG_4333 IMG_4329 IMG_4339 IMG_4347 Kopie IMG_4342 IMG_4343 IMG_4326 IMG_4334 Kopie IMG_4341 Kopie


Photography: Lian Leng ☆ IG: @lianlengTumblr

Model: Carina Allen @ Maggie Agency

Thank you!

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