Marisa – Lonely High

IMG_3408 Kopie

Sparkle, flash light, a cigarette filled with glitter – just a perfect combination! This series was photographed, styled and modeled by Marisa and contains so much expression. Let’s scroll down and enter her created world full of sparkle! ☆

IMG_3394 IMG_3406 Kopie IMG_3396 IMG_3395 IMG_3404 IMG_3400 IMG_3403 Kopie IMG_3401 Kopie IMG_3402 Kopie IMG_3399 Kopie

Photographed, styled & modeled by Marisa ☆ IG: @marisaandbella ☆ Tumblr

Find another photo-series by Marisa that was featured on Grunge’n’Art before HERE.

Thank you!

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