Kendra Thornburgh-Mueller – Breatharian


“I urge you to look up the definition of Breatharian to get more of a feel for the concept. The location (Vasquez Rocks), the fashion (especially how they flowed so nicely in the wind, at some points mimicking the clouds), and the adventurous willing spirit of the model (we climbed gloriously high at some points… all barefoot) played an important role in these photos.”

Only 13 years old but taking outstanding photos Kendra Thornburgh-Mueller from Los Angeles impresses through her latest editorial called ‘Breatharian’. Shot on a disposable 400 film camera. ♡

IMG_4280 Kopie IMG_4275 IMG_4278 IMG_4281 Kopie IMG_4276 IMG_4274 IMG_4273


Photography: Kendra Thornburgh-Mueller ☆ IG: @rellleumTumblr

Model: Amy

Thank you!

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