Arianka Ibarra – Sunday Afternoon

AriankaFuji800XtraAA_0000 Kopie

Fairy lights, dreaminess and soft colours brings this beautiful, totally relaxed editorial by the Mexico based photographer Arianka Ibarra. Captured on 35mm film to underline the nostalgic flair that appears in the photos. Just scroll down and daydream.

AriankaFuji800XtraAA003 Kopie AriankaFuji800XtraAA002 AriankaFuji800XtraAA013A AriankaFuji800XtraAA000 Kopie AriankaFuji800XtraAA004 Kopie AriankaFuji800XtraAA006 Kopie AriankaFuji800XtraAA008 AriankaFuji800XtraAA009 AriankaFuji800XtraAA007 AriankaFuji800XtraAA011 Kopie


Photography: Arianka Ibarra ☆ IG: @ariankaibarraphotographyFacebookTumblr

Model: Cristina Valenzuela

Also by Arianka: ‘Honey In The Sun’.

Thank you!

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